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  • Gabby - Rolls up on the face, and doesn't hide trouble areas

    I have used some great CC creams before. This is not one of them. I would honestly return it if I hadn't waited so long, trying to give it the good college try. The cream is the right shade for my skin, but it doesn't cover my trouble areas well at all. My cheeks are still rosy red, and my under eye area is still blue. The only reason I even know I'm wearing any is because the moment I smear it on even half a second too long, it begins to clump and comes up. Have you ever applied glue to your hand, let it dry, and then rubbed it? You know how it rolls up into a nice, long, tube-shaped piece of glue? That's what this CC cream does if you apply it just a second too long. It rolls up and off of your skin immediately. I would recommend that if you are in the market for a good CC cream, that you continue the search.

  • W. Bledsoe - Not happy with Kindle edition

    Let me start by saying I love the STA and have bought many of the hardcover/paperback editions over the years. The content is great. I got a Kindle Fire last year, and thought I'd try the 2014 edition of the STA in the Kindle version. I won't be doing that again. The text in the calendar section - the days of each month - is way too small for my 52 year old eyes. I wear reading glasses, and my vision isn't that bad - but this text is just too small - like the quotes that are put on each day and most of the text in the charts and graphs as well. Too small. And I can't find a way to zoom in on it and make it bigger. When I open it in the Kindle for PC app - the zoom is disabled.

  • Glamping Alli - Great product!

    This thermometer is amazing. I received this product for my grand kids. It is very helpful for little kids who move a lot! Reminds me of something you would see on Star Trek. The reading is instantaneous which is great for the little grand kids. I appreciate the fact that you can use it on the forehead and in the ear. It is so easy to use. just slide it across the forehead and it instantly show the temp. I did receive this from the company in return for my review. I highly recommend that everyone have one of these in the medicine cabinet. It comes with a nice holder to keep it in when not in use. I have to say the way it was packed for shipping would have survived anything other than being run over with a car. Thank you, Innovo for a great product!