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  • Crypto Power Chlorella The Single Greatest Health Discovery of the 21st Century - Cryptomonadales Chlorella Sorokiniana delivers up to 25% more nutrition in the first two hours than the leading chlorella product and is the only known alga in the world containing significant amounts of all three naturally occurring Alpha, Beta, and Gamma PPARs. A unique strain of 95% digestible green single cell chlorella.
  • Crypto PPARs Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors - Crypto Chlorella PPARs Crypto Power Chlorella The only known alga in the world containing significant amounts of all three naturally occurring Alpha, Beta, and Gamma PPARs. Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors.
  • Chlorella Growth Factor the fountain of youth CGF - Crypto Chlorella Growth Factor the fountain of youth and a powerful natural immune enhancer. Crypto Power Chlorella Growth Factor C.G.F. Crypto Chlorella CGF provides the growth factors for repair and replacement of our own DNA and RNA.
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  • BizNurse - Saved us a TON of money!!

    We've now purchased 6 of the 5 gallon containers! THINK we love this product?? Our decking was 20 years old and in BAD shape! I hate wasting wood, so we decided to give the Restore a try. Mind you we live in HOT San Antonio and our HUGE deck is in the full sun! On a scale of 1-10, I'd give this product a 20!! Favorite colors are RUSSET and SAND. SOOOO worth the investment! We are both home full time with our business and now spend TONS of time enjoying our BEAUTIFUL deck! We learned some tricks to applying, so ask us if you have any questions.... Linda/RN

  • tasha - It’s built like a tank

    I recently picked up this PG58 as a complement to my 4 Shure Wireless SM58 microphones. The first SM58 was bought 11 years ago with a much older receiver, but the sound on all the SM58s are still the same: clear, accurate, full and reliable. My application is as a theatrical DJ for a touring company. I usually have 12-15 actors, some of whom sing and all of whom act. I had previously been using Voco-Pro mikes to complement the Sm58s and warned the actors to use the Shure mikes for singing, but there is a lot of sharing of mikes and they forget. I have gradually been getting more of the higher end Sm58s, but wanted to try something a bit cheaper, thus I tried the PG58, about a 30% saving. First of all, the PG58 has very good sound and is a strong replacement for the Vocopros. Although the PG has slightly less presence / fullness than the SM, the clarity is very close. I will put a grey foam cover on the PG (I use black covers on the Sms), for singers who are picky, but the audience won't notice.

  • Mel L. - The CravenSpeed antenna works okay. I did not lose ...

    The CravenSpeed antenna works okay. I did not lose any stations but I do get a weaker signal that is evidenced by quite a bit more FM "flutter" when moving.

  • CBYK - Problems within a month of purchase.

    Front wheel locks on its own. The button on it seems to be broken. Can't believe it has problems within a month of purchase. For the price, you would think it would do better than a 100 dollar travel system. Disappointed and the seller is not responding to the inquiry.

  • A. Blackard - Great "Authentic" Taco Seasoning

    I've been to Frontera Grill in Chicago a number of times and consider it one of the best restaurants in the country, and have also had a lot of luck with Rick Bayless' recipes at home. I jumped at the chance to try this taco seasoning because I regularly make tacos at home using off-the-shelf seasonings at the grocery store (which I actually like pretty well).

  • Pamela B - great beginning tablet for the younger kids

    We have gone through a few of these over the past year. Mostly from accidental broken screens. We had one that just stopped turning on but since it was within the 1 year warranty period leapfrog replaced it quickly and free. My 2 yr old LOVES her leappad. We have a few games and a few movies on it and it entertains her quite a bit.