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Country:, Europe, IT

City: 11.8833 Province of Arezzo, Italy

  • Monkey D Gooby - Worth it

    I need to take anywhere from 6-12 pills to get the desired effect, but it sure does beat the hell out of consuming the foul-tasting liquid, and the pill format is far more convenient for transportation-related reasons. If you take 10 that's 12 doses/bottle, and for $20 it's certainly worth the price.

  • Zaid - this product i great for damaged hair

    this product i great for damaged hair, especially over processed and bleached hair, you will feel a difference in hair strength right after the first use, fragile bleached hair feels thicker even when it's wet after using this conditioner

  • Washed Away - NOT the real Deva Curl

    I've been using Deva Curl faithfully for almost a year but I've been purchasing it at a local shop. Having now found it on Amazon for around 40% less, I purchased it and I am so disappointed. It is NOT the real Deva Curl. My hair color is now fading quickly, unlike when I purchased it locally. My hair dresser noticed immediately that my color isn't lasting like it had been. I don't feel like it's working at all any more. I am so disappointed that I got such low quality knock off merchandise over Amazon.

  • Imogene king - IHealth BP3 Blood Pressure Monitoring System For ipod

    This blood pressure system has been a life saving thing for me. My blood pressure was so out of control before I got this monitor and now the doctor can see how it spikes and he can help me control. Thanks for sending me this system.

  • Matthew J Sibille - Don't buy this book.

    Not a good book. No tips from experts. Plenty of typos throughout. Practice test is nothing like the real thing. Get a different book. No information about guarantee to pass first time like it says on the cover.