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  • William H Taylor - Great antenna.

    I love this antenna. It works great with satellite radio. It also looks so much better than the stock antenna.

  • Martin Tiller - Very heart warming. (But missed placed capital letters)

    This is a very sweet and heart warming book. But as a teacher I noticed there are a lot of instances where a line ended with a comma, but the next word was capitalized. That makes it difficult if I am having a child read this, and I have to point out that even though a word may begin on a new line does not make it the start of a sentence. As I tell my students, you don't use a capital simply because you're on a new line. This should be an easy fix for the author.

  • Arielle - does actually work....

    read lots of the reviews and really seems to make a difference in frizziness. Will continue to use!!

  • Carol Kilgore - A Fun Read

    I voted for this book on Kindle Scout and was happy to learn it was selected. It's a fun story about a young woman who finally learns who she is and in the process finds her true love. Oh, and there's Kitabah. You'll have to read the book to learn more about her. A great rom-com.