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  • Lisa Caroline - Super-Easy to Use and Inexpensive!

    I've been doing my own taxes since I was 18 years old. I have a family of 4, with income from a job AND income from self-employment, own my own home, 401k, etc. I normally get the 'Deluxe' version which includes everything I need to cover all of our income and deductions. I also get the +State version which is very handy. Last year, I got the Deluxe version without State and regretted it later. Even though the state forms are super-easy, I had to take the time to read everything myself and print forms from the state website when the software could have done it all for me. It really does save time to let the software do BOTH returns! The software walks you through each step of your return, asking questions along the way, to help you get every deduction available. Rarely have I ever had to go to the IRS website for clarification, since the software is extremely thorough.

  • allen wu - This worst console I ever seen I bought one with out ...

    This worst console I ever seen I bought one with out window then game that I want Play steam os does not support the game I want to play unless window in it

  • RR.RN - Best screen protector ever.

    I was searching for a screen protector for my new iPhone 7 and came across this. I had no idea something like this even existed and definitely liked the concept. First, and most importantly, this is extremely EASY to apply compared with the flimsy plastic screen protectors - no annoying bubbles. I ordered a 2 pack since historically I always screw up the first effort, but with these that is a thing of the past! Second, the smudges are not as noticeable. I mean tilt it right in the light and yes you can see them, but nothing compared to the plastic covers. I definitely feel my phone is much better protected with these. The only bad thing (which really has nothing to do with this products design) is that the iPhone 7 has slightly rounded edges, so the protector glass is quite narrow, but if you take your time lining it up, you will be able to cover the entire screen and the hole will line up perfectly. Since applying it 3 weeks ago, I have dropped my phone once on a hard surface (I am not one who is prone to dropping their phone all the time) and it held up well. Has not once slipped from the original position it was applied.

  • monet - No I don't work for Shredz

    I used this product for one month along with coffee bean and garcinia cambogia and lost 19lbs. Once I added shredz to my regiment I had clean energy all day. No jitters or burning in my chest or my skin feeling like it was on fire. Lol. Sorry for laughing but readying the reviews on here is what made me right a review because I didnt experience any of the side affects people were claiming to have. Anywho...I only used the burner pill and I love the affects it had. It really got me through my 30 min jump rope sessions. I did make the mistake of taking it at night time cause I had missed my lunch pill, even though the bottle say not to..big no no... I was up all night cleaning because I didn't know what to do with all the energy I had. Which reminds me... I am a person that takes a nap daily... Not on these bad boys..I can try to nap but I won't be able to close my eyes. Great 💊

  • Jesse M C - This battery tender is a great tool for keeping my batteries charged especially for long ...

    This battery tender is a great tool for keeping my batteries charged especially for long periods of time in which a battery may sit and not be used. It's a trickle charger that can diagnosis the condition of the battery. It told me why my car battery would not take a charge, a bad cell. It pulse charges the battery, cleaning the cell of sulfer, something I don't understand completely. I would highly recommend it to others.

  • Frequent Flyer - This product I did not like, only because it was so thick

    This product I did not like, only because it was so thick, and difficult to even finger out of the jar. I will try melting small amounts in the microwave, and then applying it to my hair.

  • Alex LeDudeman - It's a different kinda animal, but I love it.

    I personally love this ball, but I have to take one star off because nobody wants to play with it. Beginners and especially girls complain it's too hard, even though I have it inflated to slightly below regulation. They also complain it feels "small" even though it's official size. I love the panel design, the cover texture and feel, and the color scheme. I find it very easy to track in the air against a background of bright fluorescent lights which makes my hitting more consistent. The slightly denser feel of this ball compared to the crappy 18 panel Wilson and Baden balls at my gym makes it easier for me to place my sets, though hitting requires a bit more precision on the player's part. This is a player's ball, and if you got game, you'll probably enjoy it. If you're a beginner or complain when your forearms get red, then stick to your open gym's stock marshmallows.