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  • gary c. bourgeois - excellent product

    Finally I can use my Mac Quickbooks and have it easily relate to my Accountants files. I was using the PC version and that was all I used my old PC for. This enables me to be more comfortable and yet still have my accountant like me.....

  • Gerald Plotts - Works great right out of the box

    Had some trouble with the first unit I received. (The gear lights didn't work), but Amazon quickly supplied a replacement unit. I have this coupled with the radio panel in my flight deck. You can view my flight deck set up here: --->>

  • GNSays - Effective but causes a strange side effect

    I have always suffered from bad breath. When my new boyfriend was constantly telling my breath was "stinky" nearly every other day, I decided I needed to do something about it. He didn't like approaching me for kisses, and shied away from me when I spoke at times. Finally, I found something that worked for me. I have been using it for almost a month and haven't heard ONE "your breath is stinky" comment since the first time I used Breath Appeal. Now the bad news: because of the oxidizing agent in this product, it can cause dry mouth which leads to a condition known as "furry tongue". I'm surprised I haven't seen any other comments regarding this side effect. I noticed it a few days ago and this morning, while scraping my tongue, I realized it was getting worse; I couldn't deny that my tongue definitely looked "furry". I think I'll have to use this product once a day in addition to rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, which is what the Mayo Clinic suggests. It's considered a completely benign condition, nothing to be worried about, but I don't want it to get worse, and I can even FEEL the furriness. Even if nobody else will notice it, I'm completely disgusted. Other than that, it HAS solved my bad breath problem.

  • AbandonedBrain - Don't be afraid of the TV hype; it's mostly true...

    I'm sold. My daughter's been BEGGING for a blender for about a year, since seeing her friends using a Vitamix every time she visits. Smoothies are now an addiction for her, and I'm OK with that. How else am I going to shove strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, spinach, yogurt and apple juice into her belly all in one day?

  • Amazon Customer - It also smells great and gives great slip

    This product has become a staple in my hair routine! It works well on my natural type 4 hair. I use it for my flat twist outs and it gives me unbelievable curl definition. I did a twist out withOUT this product and it came out frizzy and definition-less. If you're looking for maximum definition, this product is the answer! I can't speak for what the product does on dry hair, and I don't pay attention to its moisture effects but on wet hair it works wonders! It also smells great and gives great slip!

  • James Morris - At 95 Cents a Litre , Pepsi 99 cents 2 litre, don't waste your money

    You can just save your money because this cost you 95 cents a liter, without figuring in the cost of the machine. That's just Fizz and syrup. Pepsi is 2 liter for 99 cents.

  • Tara Bradley - Pain relief

    I have gone through 2 jars. It helps relieve the pain temporarily. I have a knee injury and I alternate Icy Hot Patches with the Australian Green. Right when I put the cream on the knee it feels like it relieves pain. The pain comes back in a bit but sometimes even a temporary relief of pain is good enough.