Corporate Massage | Office Massage | Corporate Health Perth - We are Perth\'s Corporate Massage specialists! TakeASeat\'s professional team leads the way in corporate health, event & onsite massage.

  • Profile - Corporate Massage | Office Massage | Corporate Health Perth - TakeASeat has a very friendly and professional team of fully qualified and insured therapists
  • Massage - Corporate Massage | Office Massage | Corporate Health Perth - Do you sit at your computer and dream of a relaxing massage? Is your stiff neck giving you headaches? Do you feel stressed and can’t sleep? Do you have sore shoulders?
  • Massage at Home - Corporate Massage | Office Massage | Corporate Health Perth - Perth! You don’t even need to leave your house, we’ll come to you with massage table/ massage chair, towels, creams/oils and/or foot spas. You don’t have to do anything other than pick up the phone and we’ll be there.
  • Events - Corporate Massage | Office Massage | Corporate Health Perth - TakeASeat has experience in servicing many events. No matter what the event (big sporting events, music festivals, expo’s, circuses etc), TakeASeat can provide therapeutic or relaxing massages on chair and/or table. All our therapists are highly qualified and experienced. We can be part of your corporate marquee at a sporting event or you can use us to attract clients to your event or stall.

    Country:, Oceania, AU

    City: 115.899 Western Australia, Australia

  • mluz - Great pads for the face.

    I have just finished reading her book. I have learned a lot from the book. I follow the skin care routine in her book, and my face has never looked better. It's more soft and smooth, and it glows too. My serums go on nice on my face too. This is my first purchase from Dr. Denes, and it won't be the last. I also ordered the eye cream RESTORE EYES. This is also a great product for the eyes. The cream sinks right in. My eyes are nice and moisturized. A little goes a long way. It is a small jar, but you don't use a lot of cream. It will last you a long time. I'm glad that I read her book. She is very knowledgeable, and you don't need to spend a lot of money. But I do recommend her pads for the face for exfoliation.

  • Robert Bailin - Street Atlas USA 2012 Plus is a big disappointment

    I purchased the new Street Atlas USA 2012 Plus directly from Delorme in late January 2012 shortly after they released it publicly. As a longtime user of Street Atlas since verion 3, I was looking forward to finally seeing some of the many map corrections I had submitted over the past couple of years.

  • Snpr520 - Cant get any stations… looks cool though.

    Cant get any stations… looks cool though.. had to buy a different one after putting up with this one for over a year.

  • qwertyytrewq - Sadistic and Depraved

    Done with this violence porn. Gratuitous gore and violence. Treats fans horribly. Tried to make up for its formulaic video game plot: kill, kill, kill, fight big boss, move to a new location and kill, kill, kill, fight new big boss. All shock factor and no substance.

  • andy - workes good

    only issue is that we were unable to attach the bag hooks to the handles when using this, it should have 2 slots to accommodate the bag hooks either side....i may just cut some