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  • Ken Roberts - A Great Version

    This is the version that so many feel is the definitive Christmas Carol. It really is an excellent version. Alastair Sim plays Ebenezer Scrooge like no one else can. The believability factor here for both, the 'old mean Scrooge' and the 'newly transformed Scrooge' is very high, with the transformation itself coming about slowly. And that's what I like about this version. Scrooge doesn't suddenly become happy and giddy from the first of the three spirits, as in the Reginald Owen version. It takes Sim's old Ebenezer fully until the last spirit to convince him that he truly was a "squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner!"

  • annzingha christion - This little project works great

    This little project works great. If using outside - you do have to wait for it to be dark. Inside with the blinds closed - it works fine. If you are looking for a small project to play a movie or video games outside - this is perfect. The kids love to play Wii while we have a bonfire. Item is awesome for the price. Got it yesterday, set it up in the back yard and had movie night!!! You need different speakers because the ones on the projector aren't the best but the image displayed. Wow! VERY HAPPY with this purchase!!!!!!!

  • robert m - why have you not bought this?

    If you like to read mathematics and are wondering what others are doing this is a good read. I have the last few years worth and will continue to get them as long as they pursue their current level of quality.

  • JennyGirl - SENT MINE BACK!!!!!

    Let me start off by saying that this heater does warm my living room quite nicely but i found that i could not place it on a hard surface without it vibrating and making quite a bit of noise.It did seem less noisy when placed on a carpeted floor.For this reason and for the fact that when i knocked it over it did not shut down i am sending it back.I have now ordered the HZ-930 and i hope i have better luck.

  • Cody R. - Nice, but limited audio settings

    Nice TV with fantastic picture at a great price, but I have to dock it a star for having a limited audio settings menu. I connected it to a Vizio 29 inch sound bar, but since the TV lacks an audio setting to specify PCM output, the sound bar cannot play audio from broadcast HD channels. As far as I can tell, the optical cable passes Dolby Digital output from the broadcast channels that the sound bar cannot handle. A 4 year old LCD TV had more choices in the audio settings than this new TV.

  • August Baur - Bit of a tedious read, but if you hang in there you'll learn a lot

    Only read this because it was a requirement for a can be a little slow and elementary, but maybe I only think that because I have an manufacturing and lean six sigma background so this stuff comes a little easier to me. The book does a great job of explaining some of the more complicated manufacturing pitfalls (lead time, process variation, bottlenecks) in lamens terms.