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  • Bryan - Rocksmith with Guitar

    Excellent bundle. The guitar is a really nice Les Paul Jr. and when you consider the cost of the game with cable and then purchase a new guitar separately, it is an excellent package deal.

  • Bighammerguy - Bought it threw a friend

    Well Whats not to like about a product that does what it says its great the feeling after words plus im taking it while i have a broken bone and the inflamation went right down after starting to take zija.... but you could also attribute that to the fact that I changed from a splint to a hard cast that allows more mobility but besides that i certainly feel more awake threwout the day

  • donna lefort - great

    I love this product. It takes time to sit through the lessons, but the real feel of an actual guitar is worth it.

  • Thomas M. Moore - IT WORKS! But you have to stick with it...

    I am 29 years old, 5' 7" and started out in a size 34-36. At first I did not notice results, but stuck with it because I did notice my midsection heating up as advertised. I decided to also wear it for my workouts, so much longer than 10 minutes 2 times a day, more like hours at a time. My workouts are not that rigorous, I stick to the basics of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, but my sit-ups are done on an Ab-lounge (which many say does not work either, but you have to do the workout exactly like they do on the instructional dvd!). After a few months of wearing my Tummy Tuck belt and using the cream while doing my short daily workout, I went from 190 pounds to 150 Pounds and down to a size 30!!! It DOES work very well, but you have to stick with it and not be afraid of using it to the extreme by leaving it on for long periods of time. If you can work out with the belt, I think it really accelerates weight loss in the mid section. Hope this helps offset all the negative comments.

  • So Cal - Hands go numb

    Sorry to say that my hands go numb. Went back to my old beat up gloves with minimum gel in the palms. My hands don't get numb with the old gloves. They fit very well, at least my 3rd pair of Fox gloves.