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  • Angie Canham - Dream stroller

    This stroller was just delivered to me and it took about 10 minutes to put it together- that includes unpackaging it and supervising a feisty one year old. I saw a lot of reviews for other strollers indicating a lot of hassle getting little screws or other small pieces to fit when installing the wheels- not this one! Literally, click them in and you are set. Oh, and the ten minutes also included having fun with all the awesome things the stroller's canopy does- an unexpected bonus. There are so many options!! I was spoiled with the Peg Perego P3 Pliko's canopy and found most stroller's canopies to be sadly lacking, but the B-Agile's goes above and beyond. This stroller folds so flat it's like a dream come true! And the seat is so comfy! Most three-wheel strollers have a a seat that's about as comfortable as a 2x4, but this one has some cushiness to it. Yay! The handle is also high enough for me- I'm 5'7". Though I nonetheless would have liked it if it was a telescoping handle. This is the easiest one-step fold, and I love that the unfold is even easier. The steering is amazing, and it weighs next to nothing. My only real complaint? They got a bit carried away making the latch difficult for kids to undo. I'm hoping that there's a trick to it that will dawn on me, or that it will loosen up with time. I'm REALLY hoping that this isn't their one design flaw that they will fix for future generations. It's true that you generally have to pick what you want out of your stroller because each stroller has pros and cons. This is my third stroller and I did a LOT of research before getting it; I feel like this is the closest you can get to the dream stroller.

  • Doc Savage - Seems to work, glad I tried it

    I read the reviews here and decided it was worth a try, since my 2006 Cal Spas tub seemed to be leaking water much faster than ever before ... probably on the order of at least 1/2 to 3/4" per day. Every time I wanted to use it, it was too low again.

  • Amazon Customer - just wow

    I ordered my Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Pocket Knife about A week ago. I received it yesterday. Upon opening the packaging, I found the knife had begun construction on a project. Not knowing what it was I moved in for a closer look. I was frightened by what I discovered. It was a computer that said SkyNet on its side. I grabbed my hand tools to try and open the casing so I could get the chip and destroy it, but the knife attacked me; scaring my right cheek. I tried to scramble away, but was unable. The robotic claw attachment grabbed a hold of my leg. I thought I was done for. Then I noticed a swirling crackling energy ball form on the far side of my house. It was a second Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Pocket Knife. It used its shotgun attachment to knock the first knife off of me. It then reached down to me with its helping gloved hand attachment and said with its human voice visualizer attachment. "Come with me if you want to live." I went with it and have been on the run ever since. I wonder what SkyNet is up to.

  • Joan Clark - Definitely Pleased

    After all the research and reviews I read, I chose this as the best buy for my dollar. I think I was right.

  • Rick Scott - BUYER BEWARE

    Please read these reviews carefully. I have noticed that many of the reviews I am seeing on this site as well as Yahoo Questions and many similar sites that some of the exact same people are leaving the exact same reviews on many review sites and question sites. I have checked the profiles of most of these people and noticed that most of them created their profiles on the same exact day as many others who are giving detailed praise for this product. And this company has even gone as far as creating their own answer sites under made up medical names and posting the same reviews on those sites as well. Be smart people and cross reference many of these reviews with reviews and answers on other question sites as well as medical sites with reviews only for this product. This company has spared no expense to hire professional review writers to sell this product. I am also noticing that the so called medical advice sites I have visited also give you a direct link to purchase this product. I estimate approximately 80 percent of the reviews I have encountered for this product have all been written by hired review writers and most of these reviews are carefully scripted to lead you to believe that the review is authentic. I cannot give you a review of this product. I only search out scripted reviews and medical question sites in order to spot which companies are flooding many sites with reviews that seem authentic but are actually written by professionals paid to make you think that a real customer has left the review. Many of the reviews on this site are word for word exact duplicates found on as many as ten other sites. This company spared no expense in flooding the internet with raving reviews for this product. Sorry folks; Almost all of the reviews I have researched for this product were written by people employed by the company selling this product.

  • Tim Thomas - Easy to install!

    Exactly what I hoped it would be. Fit correctly and works perfectly. Product delivered fast and in Plus shipping packages. I will be buying again from this vendor!