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  • Mrs. Pib - Mop substitute, not scrubbing substitute

    I have very old, very dirty linoleum in my kitchen. It wasn't maintained well by its previous owner and, because it looks so bad, I've always felt that cleaning it was a game of diminishing returns. It's a self-perpetuating cycle of neglect. Cleaning it doesn't get it very clean, even when I'm hand scrubbing the bejesus out of it, so I never bother to clean it that well.

  • Micah - Restore Failedl!

    Recently had a virus and had to reformat my hard drive. I decided to pay Staples to backup my data and install Windows 7 (had been running Vista) even though I had a Toshiba external hard drive with my data backed up. I'm so glad I did because when I discovered one very important missing file, that Staples some how missed, I was not able to run the restore software at all. Every thing I tried resulted in "restore failed!" I even tried downloading a newer version from their website. That didn't work either. Don't buy this product if you think you will ever need your backup!

  • Matt O. - Great, Great, Great. Did I mention it was great?

    Never have to mess with an "oil filter wrench" ever again! 1" Socket fits perfect on the end of this Filter... It's too easy. A 15 min. oil change now probably only takes 10 because I don't have to fool around with the removal of the old oil filter. GREAT PRODUCT, ran royal purple in my Ford F150 '09 - 5.4L V8 and got 1.6 MPG better than running ford's factory synthetic blend, with ford factory oil filter... 100% Great product, at a great price too.

  • J. Palmer - 5G is back after a very simple setting change

    ***UPDATE 4/1/2016*** 5G has been working since ASUS replied to my post a few days ago. It was a simple setting change and is now working like it did the first couple of days when I started. I was pleased with the performance of this router with just the 2.4G wireless, so now that the router is fully functional, I am very pleased. Thanks to Jerry from ASUS for responding to my issue via this post, but ASUS needs to get their techs all on the same page for customer support. Give them a cheat sheet to use. The setting change to channel 161 literally took two seconds to complete and was NEVER even mentioned in the two hours of trouble shooting on the phone with ASUS support. In doing research and reading other ASUS replies with issues, I noticed other inconsistencies between what I was reading here and what the ASUS phone support told me. Their conclusion that I had a hardware issue and to send the router in for service after 2 days was ridiculous and then sent me down a path of investing many more hours of aggravation trying to coordinate how to best handle not losing internet for the weeks this router would be sent out for "repairs".