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  • Hannah - They Fired The First Shot 2012

    This is an eye opening and quick read book even if it is so think. This just tells you as you read this book there is alot of information you did not know, and how long the play of Gov. has gone on and where it is taking us and why. Religion also has a side to what is happening to it. You can't put it down, so read a few chapters at a time. Easy to read bigger letters. You will not be sorry!!!

  • M. Fig - Great Product!

    My washer has a clean setting and this is the brand recommended. They work great. Take the odor right out of my washer. I went a long time without running the clean cycle WITH the affresh and one day I noticed a very strong odor. I popped the sample in that came with my washer and the odor was gone. Then I found this pack on Amazon and made sure to buy them so I'd have them on hand. You are supposed to run it once a month but I just wait for the first hint of odor.

  • SAM321 - Every Student Needs One

    This planner has been great for my 5th grade student. He is able to keep up with all homework, upcoming tests, and projects. There's room for everything.

  • BB and Team - amazing!!

    I love this app ssooooooo much because it is so helpful and fun!!! GET THIS APP!! :) this app is great whenever you want to watch your favorite things on a boring day!!

  • Charles P. Poole, Jr. - THE VIRGIN MARY APPEARS

    This is a strange book about responding to the controversial Apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Medjugoije in Bosnia-Hercegovina. The author calls President Obama a "radical Marxist socialist" who wants to bring Marxism to America. The author supports founding small Christian villages around the US declared independent of "Federalization." He claims that scientific studies prove that the six visionaries of Medjugoije actually see something supernatural. I am not convinced by his overall message of how we must rechristianize America, but I do hope to see it rechristianized in my lifetime. . .

  • Barry Truong - Ultra Cleanse

    I took this for 3 months and it worked! I will definitely take it again, because I believe there is no better product out there.