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  • http://www.tonello-energie.com/it/mondo-green Mondo Green - Fuoco, terra, aria e acqua sono il fondamento della vita e proprio dai quattro elementi naturali traggono origine le fonti rinnovabili che la natura ci ha messo a disposizione e che l’uomo ha imparato a utilizzare. Tonello Energie trasforma la vitalità degli elementi in energia rinnovabile.
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  • user927 - Worked great for me!

    Got this today. I'm naturally blonde, and have light peach fuzz. I was skeptical about this working. I put a thin layer of the protective balm on, and rubbed it in past the area I wanted hair removal. Put the cream on my finger and it was thinner than I expected, but applied the thick layer over the balm with no problem. Besides the smell (gross), I had no problems. Wiped it off 7 minutes later and it worked perfectly! Every little hair gone. I plan on adding this to my beauty routine as needed. I do have thin/light hair, which I'm sure made it easier, but I'm very pleased with the results!

  • LuckyLews2Plus2 - NOT the same as Benadryl!!!

    For all the people posting that this product is the same as Benadryl, they are MISTAKEN. While it does have the SAME ACTIVE ingredient as Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) it ALSO has a small amount of alcohol in it which intensifies the effect of the Diphenhydramine significantly. Buying a bottle of Diphenhydramine pills will not get you the same results as this product does. Do your research people before you slam a product.

  • Betty Tasha - I had to toss it since the serum burned my ...

    I had to toss it since the serum burned my eyes twice (badly). I used Latisse before and Latisse never burned my eyes.

  • foto-u - Changed review......because

    Wow! What great customer service! I had ordered the 12" based on sellers description of how to determine correct sizing. When it arrived it did not fit. Since I had discarded the original packaging I felt I could not return it. I gave a poor star rating because of their sizing description. I was contacted by Frywall and am very pleased to say the 10" version replacement fits my 11.5 " frypans perfectly. The company is changing their sizing recommendation to more accurately reflect correct measurements. The personal service was outstanding! The Frywall is a great item to have if you are tired of splatter on your stovetop and adjoining counter. It takes up very little space compared to the splatter screens, cleans more easily if you don't have a large dishwasher to fit the screen type pan topper. I especially like that I can cook without having to cover my frypan, remove the cover, hold the cover or put on the counter while stirring or turning food. Now.....just want them to make a smaller one for when a large frypan is not necessary.

  • crittercraze - Awesome Trampoline!

    My daughter loves this trampoline. It was a good investment for hours of outdoor entertainment. My husband had it together in less than 2 hours. I helped a great deal by sitting in the lawn reading him the product reviews. :) I say this helped because he said the reviews gave him better info than the rediculous instructions. Read them all the way through first, then read a few reviews, and pay attention to where you put the door! Follow these simple steps and all should go well like it did for us. I would have rated 5 stars but they do need to improve their instructions...or better yet, toss them in the recycle bin and start from scratch.

  • April Oropeza - LOVE IT

    I saw this oil at my local health food store and tested it. It felt AMAZING! My best friend has the same product and highly recommended it. I double this as a hair serum and it leaves my hair soft and looking healthy.

  • Chaya Brenan - more than diaper rash...

    I do not use this for diaper rashes, but I use it for neck rashes and under arm rashes... you know all those lovely baby folds are hard to keep clean, and if you don't they do fester. I combat it by rubbing this on and it clears up any redness almost immediately! Highly recommend having on hand for all things baby skin.