Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia is a registered charity to support families and individuals understand and manage Tourette Syndrome. - Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia is a non-profit, self-funded, registered charity run by volunteers — consisting of people with TS, their families, health and education professionals and other interested and concerned people. The association disseminates educational materials in the fields of health care, education and welfare service. We support parent advocacy and other services to help families manage TS.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 149.1183 Australian Capital Territory, Australia

  • CRASHLANENews - Hercules! Hercules! Hercules! Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

    5 stars! Excellent acting, story, scenes, costumes, plot, and exciting action! Some clever dialogue and some realistic points of view about history are presented in Hercules. It's always more fun watching something set to occur in a distant land like Greece but also back in time. Some humor and the current film and movie magic used to make Hercules make this a must see movie. Hercules is also a reality check about ancient Greek mythology, and the way something could be considered to become a myth could be described to be present in this movie.

  • BoozeDaily - ... bears and she probably urinates out any mineral/nutritional benefits like other vitamins

    My kid thinks these are gummy bears and she probably urinates out any mineral/nutritional benefits like other vitamins, but ignorance is bliss. I've been known to eat a few as well. Call it healthy and indulge.

  • Macanudo357 - Super Product!

    I have a 40' boat and have been using this stuff for 4-5 years, and it really works. Unlike the 2-star review, there is rust, and then there is RUST -- severely pitted, oxidized and corroded surfaces that are beyond repair. This does not work miracles, but is amazing for use on stainless steel in a salt water marine environment.

  • Skyler - Awesome company and mattress but was just not for me.

    I absolutely love the goal of this company and the customer service has been amazing. But this mattress is not for me. I have an issue with the Star rating I'm giving it. The mattress is obviously well constructed and I love the feel of it. But it's just so firm. I have a lot of back and neck pain and it had made my neck a bit worse and I consistently wake up with a sore back now rather than my old mattress I would only occasionally wake up with back pain.