Headache Reliever-Headache Relief-CoQ10 Supplement for Migraine Relief | Trigemin - Headache reliever TRIGEMIN: Physician formulated comprehensive multivitamin including feverfew & CoQ10 supplement for headache & migraine relief-Migraine headache symptoms, frequency and intensity were shown to be reduced in clinical studies

  • http://www.trigemin.com/about/ Natural Migraine Relief - Treatment of Migraines - Migraine Vitamins | Trigemin - Natural migraine relief with TRIGEMIN: Physician formulated comprehensive multivitamin intended to calm and support the nervous system, reduce pain, inflammation and to provide a healthy sustained energy level
  • http://www.trigemin.com/key-ingredients/ CoQ10 Supplement-Feverfew for Migraines-B2 Riboflavin for Headaches | Trigemin - CoQ10 Supplement, Riboflavin, Feverfew & Taurine in a multivitamin that clinical studies have shown to may be beneficial, reducing migraine frequency and severity-TRIGEMIN, a physician formulated nutraceutical

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  • Lori Sullivan - I thought it was supposed to HELP my computer

    I put this on my Mac mini and it was a complete disaster. The computer got stuck in an endless loop of program crashes and restarts, making it unusable. I know that antivirus software often doesn't play well with other programs so I tried to take it off. It refused to be uninstalled and remained stuck in its loop. Customer support was weak and if it wasn't for some information I found online I wouldn't be able to be typing this now, as my Mac would still be non-functional. Worst. Software. Ever.

  • Amazon Customer - I felt stupid this was my first time doing smth so stupid ...

    Do not spend a penny. Never worked I followed the instructions and lost 2 lbs for two days without eating . Drinking any other juice you will lose those. I felt stupid this was my first time doing smth so stupid spending money for a ridiculous pineapple juice that does not do any miracle zero star.

  • Keith - Great product!

    Cap arrived when expected. It is very well made and the magnet is going to proved quite useful. Zico also included a smaller gasket I case the fit was too tight.