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  • C. winslow - We love having this book as we travel

    We love having this book as we travel. It is so convenient to look ahead and plan on where we will get gas, eat and stay. This is the third edition that we have purchased. We replace every few years and pass the old one on to someone else. A lot of other people have become users now.

  • Engineer's Opinion - Excellent!

    Long time gamer, first time electric guitar player (played acoustic for years). The software/game is great, and comprehensive. It's more of a learning tool than a game, but makes learning the guitar fun. Tons of options and modes make this an excellent buy. I'm extremely happy with this, and I highlu recommend it, especially to gamers who want to learn to play. It's an easy transition. Practice, practice, practice.

  • Amanda - It works!!

    The it works facial applicator is amazing! It's great for women and men. This is extremely expensive though. You can get it a lot cheaper by becoming a loyal customer as well as earn cash back on every purchase (perk points) Check around before spending too much.

  • Dale Boschetto - not a good fit for kindle

    The maps are not usable as I could not expand them. Finding reference material took too much time. Not a good fit as too hard to read in daylight.

  • ellyjoe - Another Failure

    I had high jopes for this product but after 3 months have noticed 0% improvement in my hair. have since leared that many products contain fillers and give minimal results.

  • J. King - Flakes?

    I bought this via Amazon. There weren't any recent 2016 reviews so I took a chance. It comes out of the bottle looking smooth and creamy, but as I put it on I get flakes or little balls that don't rub in. I feel like I need to put it on IN the shower or I'll get flakes of brown tanner staining the whole bathroom. What is up with that? I shake the bottle very well, too. Is it "old"? There is some ingredient(s) in it that solidify and flake.--Besides this annoying trait & the enormous price--the color is just right for me...nice warm brown. Not intense. I put it on each Sunday, and it lasts the week showering daily. The smell of it isn't great (kind of like cooking oil after a day), but I've tried worse...maybe it is rancid? and that's why it's got this sediment? If anyone out there knows what is wrong with it, let me know, and thanks.

  • Klaus G. - Not a quality product

    Not well made and not well packaged. I don't think the 300 lbs in the description is realistic . I am 270 lbs and it doesn't feel very safe. It's held together by single screws and a lot of plastic.