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  • Cara - Great

    I bought this from doterra rep. I love this. I am one of those people who can eat all day if I wanted too.I helps so I am not eating copious amounts of food while I am ate home. I have started putting it in bigelow's I love lemon tea. You can't taste it becuase the lemon tea overpowers any flavor of it. I have noticed that everything I usually wear is looser. Friends have told me that I look slimmer than normal. This is without any form of exercise being done.

  • Benjamin F Jarvis - Great panel at the right price... for the first 1 year + 1 month

    This panel was working splendidly, and I was quite satisfied with it, until 1 year + 1 month after I had purchased it, just after my warranty had expired. I turned it on one day, and the left third of the screen featured a reddish hue, exhibited fine horizontal lines, and began suffering from burn in. I checked in with AOC, aka Envision Peripherals Inc., and asked them if they would fulfill the warranty, having just missed the warranty cutoff. No go there. Okay, would they at least offer a repair? Nope, they don't seem to do repairs. Even if I were to send the monitor back to them, they didn't seem to have any refurbishment program. I was told that they would just scrap it. So now I'm out one monitor that can't be serviced and needs to be taken to an e-waste facility. Such, it seems, are the pains of going with a slightly off brand display. I normally wouldn't post a bad review just because of a technical problem like this: every manufacturer produces an occasional lemon. But based on my customer service experience, which wasn't bad, per se, but yielded an unsatisfactory result, I can't honestly recommend this monitor or this brand.

  • Kelsey Marie - Love the mesh pockets in the seat

    I really love this stroller. Our daughter is almost 3, around 33 inches tall and 30lbs. She has plenty of room in this. I haven't used it in the grass but it handles well for trips around the mall and zoo. I do wish the cup holder was a bit sturdier for larger drinks but it's a minor issue. The pockets located in the seat for the child are amazing. My toddler likes to put a snack bowl in one and her drink in the other so she doesn't have to constantly ask me for them. It has plenty of underneath storage for our needs plus a nice zip compartment for items like a cell phone, diapers, car keys, etc.. It's extremely easy to fold up once you've done it once. The only annoyance I have is that the wheels are a pain in the rear to flip the correct way to lock it once it's folded.