UKCEN: Clinical Ethics Network - UKCEN: Clinical Ethics Network: The main purpose of this website is to provide contact information for all UK clinical ethics committees and up-to-date and reliable information on ethical issues that commonly present to clinical ethics committees or arise in clinical practice.

  • UKCEN: Case Studies - Case discussions on fictional cases with examples of cases that might be referred to a clinical ethics committee. The cases are fictional but based on common scenarios in clinical practice.
  • UKCEN: About the Network - Information about the UKCEN Board of Trustees who are nominated by the membership - you may view the full list of our current Board of Trustees.
  • UKCEN: Ethical Issues: Confidentiality - An overview of the ethical and legal considerations around patient confidentiality, including the cofidentiality obligations of a clinical ethics committee.
  • UKCEN: Ethical Issues - Consent - A brief summary of the ethical and legal considerations around patient consent in health care. The full document can be be downloaded as a pdf document.
  • UKCEN: Ethical Issues -End of Life Decisions - An overview of the ethical and legal considerations in end of life decision-making in health care.
  • UKCEN: Ethical Issues - Ethical Frameworks - A brief description of some ethical frameworks that have been developed as a way of approaching ethical dilemmas in patient care.
  • UKCEN: Educational Resources - Overview - A range of educational resources for clinical ethics committee. These resources can be downloaded and used as teaching materials for committee education where appropriate.
  • UKCEN: Educational Resources - Ethics and Resource Allocation - A summary of the ethical and legal isues around the allocation of resources in health care. The complete section can be downloaded as a pdf file.
  • UKCEN: Educational Resources - Mental Capacity Act - This educational resource can be used by CECs as part of their continuing education programme or as a reference. Each section can be downloaded as a pdf file for ease of use.
  • UKCEN: Courses and Conferences - Links to information about courses and conferences that may be of interest to members of clinical ethics committees and others interested in clinical ethics.
  • UKCEN: Commentaries - A collection of commentaries on ethical and legal issues in health care including commentaries on key legal cases and new legislation.

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