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  • David Cain - Love this, love it, but for one thing...

    I've played guitar - poorly - on-and-off since age 7. I've never had a decent intro to rock lead, despite knowing barre chord basics, etc. I tell people "I know absolutely everything about the guitar, except for how to make the music come out of it."

  • Raphunter - Great product

    At the time I purchased this my sinuses had been giving me trouble for three weeks . Have tried Nettie pot and other sinus flush with little success. After 3 days of using twice a day I started getting relief . A little on the pricey side but it works .

  • Amazon Customer - Loving the newest version!

    I just upgraded to Publisher '13 after working with '07 for the past few years. I love how easy it is to snap items into place. There are new/updated features that are so much better than the old version. For example, the shadow feature is much better looking and doesn't have sharp lines behind your object. Much softer like it would be in Photoshop. My only complaint (and it's a small one) is the amount of clip art available within the program seems much less than the older version.

  • ktmom - The one tool for the kitchen

    I have a disabled son for whom every meal must be pureed. I have gone through just about every tool on the market that was $100.00 or under. I never saw the need to spend more because I have a great kitchen blender. I was wrong. This machine does a better job, faster and is worth every penny.

  • Dais - What I imagine it feels like to rub Satans cum on your body

    I was really excited to try this stuff. 1. All of the reviews were pretty great. 2. It helps with cellulite... Duh!

  • BenBB - Invaluable

    Married guys, do yourself a huge favor and stop reading these reviews and/or shopping other similar titles. BUY THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW. This is as close as you're going to get to an operator's manual for your wife. Get it. Remember all those little suspicions you had about your wife over the years, all the subtleties you noticed, every single epiphany you ever had about how sex and marriage really work and SHOULD play out? The author, Athol Kay, lays them all out in humorous, sometimes painfully obvious, terms and gives you every tool and technique you need to get the most out of yourself AND your wife. Don't waste any more time, just read it and you will finally understand.

  • Alleira - Love it but needs a puffier skirt

    I absolutely love this costume! the only negative thing I have to say is that I would like a puffier skirt as shown in the advertisement.