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  • Mark Bertolet - Well made but not as easy as they try to make it look.

    While the basic principle involved seems very smart, there are several drawbacks which became apparent once I started trying to use this device. The first is that it is not as simple to learn to use as the promotional material makes it seem. It is not very quick, or easy, to get this device strapped on, and though not uncomfortable to wear, it was awkward to try and sit down while strapped into this, and once you are sitting the leg portion protrudes way out in front of you. It is impossible to get into any car/truck with it on, necessitating removing it and putting it back on each time you enter/exit the vehicle. Also, you need to have very good balance and coordination to safely use this crutch, and it is rather like riding a racing bike with pedal straps. You are strapped in, and should you start to lose your balance, you cannot just "bail" out of this device, so that if you do fall, further injury is quite possible.. All that said, if you are young, and fit, and coordinated (as the gal in the promotional pitures obviously is) this device could be just the answer for you, to allow you to do activities that require the use of you hands, and to go up and down steps more easily, something you cannot do with traditional crutches, or walkers, or knee scooters. If you have to get by without weight bearing on your foot/lower leg this may work for you. It is well made, sturdy, and comfortable to wear, all other shortcomings aside.

  • Rebecca WG - A Natural Supplement That Actually Works!

    I am usually wary of weight loss supplements, but after Dr. Oz recommended the ingredients I decided to give Natural Nutrition Labs pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with 60% HCA a try. After four kids, I've always had this ten extra pounds I can't seem to get rid of. Since I started taking the Garcinia Cambogia extract, I've already lost half of it without changing my diet or how much I exercise. It also helps to curb my appetite, which is a big help, since mid-afternoon snacking is my biggest weakness! A great product for those who are wanting to try something with proven results.

  • KO KURT C - Exceeded my expectation !

    Just a great learning and practice tool and it supports 2 plays at a time , so a lead and rthyem guitar can play together !

  • rklow13 - NuWave Induction cooker

    This product is a piece of garbage. I would not recommend it to anyone. First of all it came broken. You can not get ahold of these people to get a replacement. You leave your phone # & they will call you back Yea Right!!!! I left them many messages & they never returned one call. In my opinion they know they are total garbage & have no intention of replacing or fixing anything. I am so glad I did not order the pans as I see that many people did not even receive them.

  • Paradox - Tastes good, but lacks appetite suppresant

    Consistency: I added 2 scoops with 8 ounces of water and a few ice cubes and shook it up with a blender ball. It was the consistency of milk, which I like, but there wasn't a lot to drink by adding only 1 cup of liquid. I adjusted what I did and added another 1-2 ounces of water so there is more to drink and then 1 ounce of almond milk to thicken it up a tiny bit Overall, I liked the consistency (better than Shakeology by MILES)