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  • DMac - So much to learn from...Can't call it a game per say...More like teaching software that is very fun!

    I had the original Rocksmith and loved it. When I seen this on sale I could not hold out any longer. I bought it for the PS3 since that is the system I had the original on. The graphics are very good and was happy to see that the songs that I had purchased on the original Rocksmith I could transfer over to the 2014 version. There are a lot of new lessons with this one I think, and you have such a good assortment of songs or song packs that you can download that you shouldn't get bored with it. More peddles and amps and cabnets to choose from. They have really outdone themselves with this one. I am learning so much with this product... I can't seem to call it a game because it is more of a teaching software then what you would call a game.

  • campingfamilyof6 - It is GREAT! Worked with the second pull

    It is GREAT! Worked with the second pull, we did change the oil after first 8 hours and we did install a gas cutoff on the gas line. No other way to keep gas from sitting in the filter. This way the machine runs completely out of gas at cut off. The unit was ran about an hour each morning and the same in the evening to keep the trailer battery charged up. It easily pulled the camper lights, fridege and microwave. Very pleased with this product.

  • Truthful - I couldn't stand it and it was almost free!

    Due to a Windows change, I needed to upgrade my accounting software and the cost for this was next to nothing. I tried to use it for about two weeks and found it terribly unfriendly. It bogged down my computer, required a constant internet connection and was almost impossible to learn. And I am no slouch when it comes to accounting products. I really didn't want to buy Quickbooks again but ended up getting a higher version of QB anyway and just forgetting the money I spent on this.

  • Marc & Nicky - Best Tacos Ever!

    I have been buying this for 6 months now and I love it so much! I hate the dry seasoning mix that we used to use for tacos, I was delighted when I saw this liquid option. Plus it is gluten free and has healthy ingredients! When I use this Skillet Sauce I cook my meat (1 lb) fully beforehand and get a good brown on it, then remove the fat. Once I'm done with the meat, I add Frontera Skillet Sauce to the pan and mix it well with the heat on low. This just makes the meat so juicy and flavorful!!! Also, I sautee thin slivers of onion in a separate pan with drizzled olive oil, ancho powder, and a little sprinkle of brown sugar until they are a golden brown with some searing. Throw the onions on top of the meat with some fresh cilantro, fresh lime juice, cheddar and avacado...and it's a done deal. The lime juice really sets it off. Everyone that I have made these tacos for has hounded me for my "secret" to such excellent meat, I keep a picture of the Frontera package on my phone so I can show people lol!!

  • CNA_Florida - not sure

    still not sure if works or not. packaging is not great and product leaked about half of it. I will still give it a try and let a better review once I have results.

  • Brad L. - DON'T BUY - invalid license key

    Installed fine and worked fine for one month. Then Microsoft prompted me for the licensing key. When entered, it was deemed INVALID. Attempted multiple ways to process the license and every attempt came back invalid. DO NOT BUY!! I tried to return and it comes back that I am past my return period. Out over $300.

  • Tars Tarkus - The hardware is great, and a steal at the price it is

    The hardware is great, and a steal at the price it is, but the SteamOS leaves a lot to be desired. My recommendation is to buy the machine, and reformat it with Windows.