Like Accutane®, but safer - Vilantae by Evolution-X - Stop Acne like Accutane® without the harmful side effects. Stopping oily skin internally is the best way to stop Acne. Vilantae works like Accutane, stopping oily skin before it reaches the skins surface without the harmful side effects.

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  • The Accutane Alternative. - Vilantae by Evolution-X - Stop Acne like Accutane without the harmful side effects. Stopping oily skin internally is the best way to stop Acne. Vilantae works like Accutane, stopping oily skin before it reaches the skins surface without the harmful side effects.
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  • curlupndye - Works great but you must prepare yourself to feel less energetic

    Works great but you must prepare yourself to feel less energetic, have lots of bathroom breaks and drink tons of water along with its way more effective if you workout a bit. Results took a few days to shoe so don't eat crappy or bing or drink other than water or tea

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    At first we recieved the mats within 3 days of my order. The rear mats were fine however, the front mats did not fit properly. I contacted the seller who immediately sent me a tracking number to return the mats to their warehouse. I sent the mats back and within 2 days the replacements arrived and were in perfect condition...and fit perfectly. I would encourage anyone to pull the trigger on getting these mats for any car...they are incredible!

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