Virginia Medical Acute Care - Medical Acute Care in Springfield, VA - VMAC has provided STD testing, workers compensation care, immigration and DOT physicals and flu shots and other care to patients. For more information call now!

  • Doctor and Staff - Springfield, VA - Virginia Medical Acute Care - Take advantage of the combined 50 years of experience of the doctor and staff of VMAC in Springfield, VA offer their expertise in all matters of medical cases.
  • Medical Office - Virginia Medical Acute Care in Springfield, VA - The office of VMAC in Springfield, VA does not require an appointment for most services and offers discounts for cash payment and certain other circumstances.
  • Doctor Services - Springfield, VA - Virginia Medical Acute Care - VMAC’s various medical services protect your overall health by evaluating you on walk in physicals, administering flu shots and STD Testing in Springfield, VA.
  • Employers - Springfield, VA - Virginia Medical Acute Care - Springfield, VA’s, VMAC has been a walk in clinic for 22 years, with STD testing, workers compensation services, immigration and DOT physicals and other services.
  • Immigration Physicals - Medical Acute Care in Springfield, VA - VMAC is a clinic offering Immigration Physicals as a licensed U.S. Civil Surgeon that has been authorized by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  • Workers Compensation Services - Medical Acute Care in Springfield, VA - In Springfield, VA workers compensation services are collaboration between employee, provider and employer at VMAC by including all parties in all matters.
  • DOT Physicals - Medical Acute Care in Springfield, VA - In order to get your CMV license you will need a DOT physical. Dr. Mark Davis offers DOT physicals for people. Feel free to contact our office for more info!
  • STD Testing Springfield, VA - Springfield, VA - Virginia Medical Acute Care - At VMAC in Springfield, VA STD testing can be today with no appointment needed and you can have your results in about 3 days with only one visit and one fee.
  • Urgent Care - Medical Acute Care in Springfield, VA - If you need special care and don't want to wait, we can help you out. VMAC offers urgent care for all its patients. Feel free to call today for more info!
  • Flu Shot - Medical Acute Care in Springfield, VA - In order to prevent future sickness it may not be a bad idea to get yourself a flu shot. Feel free to call Dr. Mark Davis for more information on flu shots!
  • Walk In Clinic - Medical Acute Care in Springfield, VA - Have an emergency? Need to get something checked out immediately? If so feel free to take advantage of our walk in clinic. Call us to receive more info today!

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  • Matthew - Camera issues

    I was really excited to play this with my young children, but as other reviewers have said, it doesn't work well with the playstation camera. The camera wouldn't pick up multiple dancers and was not accurate at all.

  • h82rd - Badly Engineered

    Have used Printmaster 15 for many years to make greeting cards. Upgraded to Windows 7 and PM15 didn't work on it. Reluctantly bought Printmaster 2012 after reading negative views. BEWARE - the reviews are PRETTY ACCURATE. It IS difficult to use. Compared to older version: (1) Finding a greeting card for an occasion is difficult - what happened to the old categories [birthday, holiday, etc that had subfolders for child, adult, Thanksgiving, Xmas, etc)? Now you blindly search by guessing what they might have called the card in the search engine. (2) When you search for Greeting Cards, you get banners, post-cards, and things that are odd sizes. Hardly anything in 8.5x11 half-fold. If you didn't know how to resize the card, you'd end up buying unneeded odd-sized card stock. (3) The artwork library is not as good as in older version - assuming you can even find what you need...another problem. Also, doesn't seem like there is as much usable art as previously. (4) The images of the ready-made products are very small - can't read the print. Extra steps to open and enlarge image. (5) Printing takes longer because it has to load the image before printing. (6) There are hang-ups and hic-cups in the software, so you have to wait for it to catch up to what you are doing. (7) Could go on, but out of space...

  • XxAmazon$hoppeRxX - Lamisil Is Better Than ZetaClear

    I have been using ZetaClear for about 11 months now and it showed a very slow improvement.. So I stopped using it and decided to see a doctor about it, he recommended I try using Lamisil (or terbinafine) medication. I've been taking it for about 6 months now and I've seen very outstanding improvement on my toes!!! Its almost cleared up except my two big toes on my left and right foot. I totally recommend you seeing the doctor about it before trying anything else. I never seen the doctor about my toes and thought I could try and fix this problem myself, but nothing would work.. JUST SEE THE DOCTOR FIRST BEFORE TRYING ZETACLEAR!!! And practice and live with the word "HYGEINE" for the rest of your life (Its VERY IMPORTANT)!!!!

  • Penny - Boston Red Sox's whats not to love...

    When I purchased this set, I looked at color of the team and value. Had NO idea what a great team this was. Nice.😊 set. My grandson enjoyed having different years, you can see players changing in age to. Now have to break down and purchase the years from The World Series. My son jokingly says, it is his new retirement fund??? Enjoyed Fenwick Park.