Waller Wellness Center in Rochester Hills focuses on a New Generation of Healthcare - Want to improve your health and manage illness? The Waller Wellness Center offers comprehensive, patient-centered strategies to help you meet your goals.

  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/about-rochester-center-for-healthy-living About the Waller Wellness Center in Rochester Hills - At the Waller Wellness Center in Michigan our mission is to help you reach your health goals by focusing on the overall health of your entire body.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/about-rochester-center-for-healthy-living/dr-catherine-waller Dr. Catherine A Waller of Waller Wellness Center in Rochester Hills - Dr. Catherine Waller is a highly experienced in family practice and functional medicine specializing in anti aging and obesity medicine in Rochester Hills.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/about-rochester-center-for-healthy-living/gerald-snook-psychotherapist Gerald Snook MA. LLP | Waller Wellness Center - Gerald E. Snook MA. LLP Gerald Snook has been engaged in the practice of psychotherapy and a Limited License Psychologist since 1992. He is a 1991 grad...
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/about-rochester-center-for-healthy-living/pamela-thomas-physician-assistant Pamela Thomas - Pamela Thomas is a Physician Assistant at Waller Wellness in Rochester Hills, MI providing an alternative approach to treatment through Functional Medicine
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/about-rochester-center-for-healthy-living/meet-our-team Meet Our Team | Waller Wellness Center - We are proud to introduce our team of professionals at Waller Wellness Center in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Rhonda Sousley, Acupuncture Specialis...
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/about-rochester-center-for-healthy-living/upcoming-events Upcoming Events | Waller Wellness Center - Upcoming Events dōTerra Essential Oils Classes at Waller Wellness Center! Presented by Naomi Martoia RN, Director of Nursing, Waller Wellness Center ...
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/functional-medicine Functional Medicine at Waller Wellness Center in Rochester Hills in Michigan - Dr Waller uses functional medicine to find and treat the underlying cause of chronic diseases measuring health in terms of life quality and positive vitality
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/functional-medicine/intravenous-therapy IV nutrition support and chelation at Waller Wellness Rochester Hills - Learn about intravenous therapy or IV Therapy for fatigue, nutrition assistance, recovery from surgery or as an adjunct therapy during serious illness Rochester
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/functional-medicine/chelation-therapy Chelation Therapy used as a treatment for Toxic Metal Removal - Waller Wellness Center offers Chelation Therapy treatments used for toxic metal removal and for treatment of heavy metal poisoning.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/anti-aging-medicine-michigan Anti Aging Medicine with Hormone Replacement in Rochester Hills - Anti aging medicine is a proactive healthcare approach designed to help you achieve and maintain higher energy levels, health and vitality throughout your life
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/anti-aging-medicine-michigan/bioidentical-hormone-replacement-therapy Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy - Hormone replacement therapy restores the delicate balance between hormones in your body while relieving the uncomfortable symptoms of hormone imbalance.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/anti-aging-medicine-michigan/understanding-low-t Understanding Low T - Low testosterone, or Low T, can seriously inhibit your quality of life and reduce your energy levels, weaken your sex drive and negatively impact your health.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/medical-weight-loss-michigan Medical Weight Loss and Obesity Medicine in Rochester Hills, Michigan - Medical weight loss uses functional medicine as an alternative treatment for obesity without resorting to invasive weight loss surgery.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/medical-weight-loss-michigan/human-chorionic-gonadotropin Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) for Weight Loss in Rochester Hills, Michigan - Human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG is used for weight loss, infertility and hormone regulation in Rochester Hills, Michigan.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/medical-weight-loss-michigan/first-line-therapy First Line Therapy l Medical Weight Loss Program l Chronic Health Problems l low-glycemic-index l Rochester l Rochester Hills l Michigan - First Line Therapy can be used alone to achieve better health and moderate weight loss, or it can be used to maintain substantial weight loss achieved with the hCG weight loss program.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/behavioral-health-michigan Behavioral Health and Psychological Services at Waller Wellness Center - At WWC we offer innovative and effective psychological treatments using natural medicine that provides you with a truly comprehensive life changing experience.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/behavioral-health-michigan/psychotherapy Psychotherapy l Behavioral Health l Stress Management l Anxiety and depression l Rochester l Rochester Hills l Michigan - Psychotherapy is the process by which a trained professional assists an individual, couple, or family to bring about a desired emotional, behavioral, and relational change.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/behavioral-health-michigan/stress-management Stress Management | Waller Wellness Center - Stress Management Stress is an all too often experience of our modern life. Financial and time pressures, health problems, caring for others, work dema...
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/behavioral-health-michigan/anxiety Anxiety l Generalized Anxiety Disorder l Thought Field Therapy l Emotional Freedom Technique l Rochester l Rochester Hills l Michigan - The term “anxiety” can be used to describe a response to events, situations, or activities that leaves one feeling worried, threatened, fearful, or apprehensive.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/behavioral-health-michigan/depression Depression l Major Depressive Disorder l Dr. Waller l Dual Brain Psychology l emWave PSR l Rochester l Rochester Hills l Michigan - Depression may lead to feelings of despair, causing someone to experience a full range of mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. Visit Dr. Waller for help.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/behavioral-health-michigan/posttraumatic-stress-disorder Posttraumatic Stress Disorder l PTSD l EMDR l Thought Field Therapy l Rochester l Rochester Hills l Michigan - Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious condition that develops after a person has experienced or witnessed a traumatic or terrifying event.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/behavioral-health-michigan/fear-of-flying Fear of Flying l Emotional Freedom Technique l EFT l Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing l EMDR l Gerald E. Snook, MA l Rochester l Rochester Hills l Michigan - Fear of flying or phobia of flying can seriously impact one’s lifestyle and lead to significant discomfort and loss of personal freedom and enjoyment.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/patient-testimonials Weight Loss and Wellness Patient Testimonials - Learn how the weight loss and wellness programs at Waller Wellness have impacted the lives of others in the Rochester Hills area.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/wellness-guide Weight Loss and Wellness Guide - Learn more about medical weight loss, anti aging therapy and functional medicine in our wellness guide.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/anti-aging-medicine Anti-Aging Medicine - Anti-aging medicine uses comprehensive strategies to improve the aging process by enhancing health and reducing certain health problems
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/health-and-aging Health and Aging - Aging affects mental and physical health, often lessening people’s quality of life. Learn ways that you can improve and maintain positive health as you age.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/what-is-functional-medicine What is Functional Medicine? - At Waller Wellness Center, our functional medicine approach in Rochester Hills can help you feel better for longer.
  • http://www.wallerwellness.com/medical-weight-loss Medical Weight Loss - Medical weight loss programs combine guidance and support with tools and proven strategies to help you lose weight and maintain that weight loss long term.

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  • Amazon Customer - Do not purchase if looking for a replacement for Streets and Trips!

    This program SUCKS!! Not at all user friendly and not even close to the capabilities of Streets and Trips. Despite no longer being supported or updated it is still far superior to Street Atlas. The maps didn't have 10 year old streets in the data base.....UNUSABLE!! oney WASTED!!!

  • big family - Works great to prevent stomach flu!

    I haven't been a big believer in essential oils until staying at a friend's house...a couple of our children got the stomach flu, my friend immediately gave the rest of us (7 people) Thieves oil in water. She put some in water on the stove top, sprayed some around in a bottle of water/thieves...and no more of us got sick!! Since then we were at another friends house and some of their children got sick, we started using Thieves like it was going out of style, none of us that used it got sick! So I think I dare say this works great!

  • Duck Wanderer - It is a Miracle

    This works better than any other cream I have tried on my son, even prescription creams. They kept giving me scripts thinking it was so bad because of yeast but I knew it was just a very bad rash. My son was screaming in pain, he would not sit down on his poor butt, and he was walking funny. It was hard to see him in so much pain so I was willing to try anything and everything. I found out about Triple Paste on Dr. Sears.com and found some at a drug store pharmacy. It started working almost immediately. Within less than 2 days his rash he had for over a week that was spreading and bright red was gone. Even though this is hard to find and expensive, it is soooo worth it. I don't know why it's such a secret!!