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  • Martin E. Turkis - It seems sturdy but I wonder if the maximum extension will reduce ...

    Yes this fits a 2015 Rav4 limited. You need a 5/32 allen wrench to adjust the length. This tool is not supplied. The front bar needs to be extended to its maximum length (reason it is not a 5 star) and I fit it 4 1/2 inches back instead of 3 1/2 inches as directed in the instructions. It seems sturdy but I wonder if the maximum extension will reduce the load limit of the front crossbar somewhat. Looks good on the car and seems like a good value.

  • Stan - I LOVE IT!!!!

    I have been lifting weights for over 20yrs and I thought I would never be able to squat anymore. I have a bad shoulder and knee. This machine is great,it`s safe,very little strain on your knees and shoulders and lower back.Plus it holds alot of weight.DAMN it`s good to be able to squat again!!!

  • Kevin Moore - It doesn't have a TOWEL!

    But it doesn't have a TOWEL! It does, however, come equipped with a Babel fish for those long Vogon flights.

  • sundoode - Very easy to install

    Very easy to install, seemed to work ok. But when I tried to reinstall an MMO, the launcher would not connect. I checked the firewall rules, and the program had the right access. Turned off the application, and it still wouldn't connect. Deinstalled the tool, and the launcher worked fine. Something else I noticed was the tool appeared to use 15-18% CPU when no scans were going. Between those two items, I went ahead and left the program de-installed and went back to my original internet security product.