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  • I. TOWNSEND - Dream come true!

    I've been using Easy Straight for 18 months now. I have naturally curly, very coarse hair. Using Easy Straight means you HAVE to follow directions to the tee! Timing must be followed correctly to ensure good results. I just used this again last week and I didn't have any damage at all. My hair is very manageable, doesn't take 2 hours to straighten anymore. I love this product!!!!!

  • J. Coderre - Honest to goodness, it truly kills fleas fast!

    A few days before we went on vacation, I'd applied Frontline to all the cats. One cat especially likes to sleep in my son's room, and he probably spent a night or two in there before I closed up all the upstairs bedrooms and left town for two weeks. Fleas must've fled from the cat into the carpet and laid eggs. Lots and lots of eggs. When we returned, his room was completely infested. Like, dozens of fleas attacked my legs the moment I walked in. Fortunately, the guest room was not affected, so my son spent a couple of nights in there. But I was completely freaking out about the fleas in his room.

  • Susana - Warning...causes severe reaction!!!

    I tried the peeling exfoliator and other Oro Gold products and woke up the next day with a red, swollen and itchy face full of hives. Four days later and my skin is still itchy, tight and uncomfortable. I have heard of the same thing happening to one other girl only last week. When complaining to the shop in the very small town of Gibraltar was informed by the manager that in the 1 year the shop has been opened (only!!) 15 allergic reaction cases have been reported. 15 cases in a small town like Gibraltar to me sounds like a advise: do not go near any Oro Gold products if you want to look after your skin!

  • Maximilian Cayce del Pino - I know two other gamers who own and like this exact mat

    this mat is "meh" for me. I know two other gamers who own and like this exact mat, so I gave it a shot. Of the three of us, I'm the only one with a Razer mouse, both of them have the same strange issue of "lagging" on the pad, as if i was using a magazine as a mat. aside from that, which may end up being a hardware issue (however unlikely, having un/reinstalled all drivers and calibration etc), I find it to be much too thin and light, and it slides around my desk with normal use. The size is nice, but that hardly makes up for it's shortcomings in my opinion. in short, there are better mats at walmart for a similar price.

  • Carolina Gutierrez - I have only used a serum before, one of ...

    I have only used a serum before, one of those that you can only buy under prescription. An it work very similar to this one, the big difference is this one is easier to apply. I have been using it per 16 days and my eyelashes are thicker, they have grown some not very much but since I have thicker ones and new ones coming out they look darker and more noticeable.