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  • Mark Behm - AMAZING STUFF!!!

    I have flexor tendonitis (trigger finger) in one of my thumbs and 3 fingers making it virtually impossible to write, remove lids from jars, or do anything with my hands as my fingers would lock painfully. I have had steroid injections which were only partially helpful especially since my hands are arthritic as well. Two other fingers were becoming painful and starting to lock, too and I was feeling pretty desperate as I had tried many other products that did not help! I had heard that vitamin B6 is extremely helpful for conditions of the hand but taking it orally gave me miserable headaches. After searching the internet, I discovered Penetrex and decided I had nothing to lose in trying it. Boy, am I glad I did! I began by applying it 3 to 4 times a day, working it in well on my entire hand but especially the painful tendon "bumps" and within about 2-1/2 weeks, the fingers that were starting the downward spiral towards becoming locked were pain-free and no longer "sticking". The fingers and the thumb that were only partially helped by steroid injections become much more fluid in motion and were no longer painful as well. This stuff is pretty impressive!! I am on my third jar and currently use Penetrex once daily right before bedtime and this is enough to keep my hands pain-free and in working order. However, I ran out once, one day before my new order arrived so I went one night without applying Penetrex. The next morning, I sure noticed the difference as my hands were stiff and very unhappy! So, do not run out!! This stuff is also very pleasant to apply as it is not greasy and has no odor whatsoever. I will be a lifelong customer as nothing else has helped my hands as much as Penetrex!

  • Bill Engineer - Works as advertised.

    Make it easy to put documents together. I recommend it for anyone publishing a newsletter or similar document. Documents look very nice.

  • Virginia Turner - The taste is great. Not gritty

    The taste is great. Not gritty. A nice light sweetness, so works well for me to improve the taste of my morning drink of of Whey protein, Benefiber, and ground flax seeds. The other ingredients probably suppress the "grass smell" that I've seen on other reviews.

  • Wilson - It really does not leave bubbles when you try to apply it on the iPhone which is awesome. The only this is that you can not ...

    This fits perfectly on my iPhone. It really does not leave bubbles when you try to apply it on the iPhone which is awesome. The only this is that you can not mess up because if you do then you may crack the tempered glass screen protector when you try to take it out. I forgot to mention that it comes with wipes which is indeed incredible so I can take out the excess dust before I apply it. I have received this product for a discounted rate for my honest review.