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  • Aquinas - Informative but short of sapience

    For $20-$30, purchasers of this book are wise to forgo the wallet and time sucking prep courses. The book has all that a reasonable prepared prospective graduate student should need - material, preparation, vocabulary, and multiple paper tests. The text is munificently complemented by the CD, which includes ~ 10 sample tests in each section (verbal, math, writing), in addition to the online content (also quite ample), all included. But as a test is only as smart as its test writers, it logically follows that the test prep book will only be as smart as the test. Don't expect this book to crack the Mayan code (well, you know what I mean). The insight is limited to a re-hash of basic test taking principles that you have probably learned before. More importantly, the book and the online tests are marred by a less than insignificant number of errors and typos. In the testing world of perfection, this is not something to get wrong. All in all, a wise investment, but take it with a few grains.

  • todd hazzard - Awesome product!!!

    The price is right & it works very well. If you have had a wireless card failure or you would like to modify an older computer, this is a good investment. Works with Ubuntu also.

  • Thomas Cupal - Crossbars fit well and performed great.

    Was somewhat curious about the quality and cost of this item when I purchased them. I installed them onto a 2013 CR-V and they look great. I attached a Yakima RocketBox rooftop carrier and went on a 500 mile trip. Everything worked perfectly. I would recommend them.

  • few9880 - Moss Killer

    Have used this product before to get rid of moss on lower portion of house foundation. Doesn't look like it works at first, but give it time - needs to be sprayed a few times each year, depending on local conditions. Product works!

  • Richard - Great patches for stiff and painful muscles

    Have been using thes patches for years. Great for my low back pain and stiff neck pain. Directions say not to leave on more than 8 hours, but have forgot that it was on, until I took a bath 24 hours later. No problem. I put one on my lower back before bed time and next morning don't have the extreme stiffness. For the price, you can't beat them. Doesn't have that strong lintament smell. More of a evergreen smell. You don't even notice it. Would highly recommend.

  • No one special - I dont like this camera

    I dont like this camera. I bought 5 cameras in total from different companies. I was highly disappointed in this one. the cd that should contain the pc app was incomplete and I could not install. when I contacted the support, the recommended other software from a third party that also did not work. In addition to the pc software that didn't work, they told me to go to the web and install from another third party website that has malicious software reported against it. the native web view works on your home network but there is no sound, the picture shows the trees as pink and my brown couch as bright purple. the mobile app from google play crashed any time you tried to add the camera. It was the cheapest of the cameras I purchased, but it is worth it to pay the extra 20 bucks to get a better product.

  • Artis K. - Great quality, battery lasts forever

    I bought this as an afterthought as a Santa gift for my 7 year old. This watch was the hit of all the presents, two weeks later she is still having a blast with it. She especially likes the camera, voice recorder and alarm settings. Great quality, battery lasts forever. Great value.