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  • Joel - Perfect!

    The bike came in exactly how I wanted. Shipping was quick. Assembling was easy, most of the parts were already put together. Very sharp looking bike. Definitely worth the price. I don't regret this purchase at all. Very happy.

  • Allison - Not all that great... for me

    I've had this product for a few months, and at first it was a 5/5 but I've realized I'm not really into this product. Here's my story, It feels like I'm the whitest girl in the world. This product only comes in one shade it's somewhat dark. It does have a thickness for red areas and it does work. When I put on my foundation though, it's just obvious I'm wearing some sort of darker cream underneath so it doesn't really even out. I think this product would be great if you had red spots the size of a quarter, but not your whole cheeks like my problem area is. Overall, if you have somewhat tan skin and have red areas, this is a great product. I do not recommend this to those who are fair skin and/or have big red areas.

  • Troy N. Tennant - I really like this cooler but it does seem to leak water ...

    I really like this cooler but it does seem to leak water more than I would think. I like the design and portability the most.

  • LUCRESIA - Amazing book!

    This is an interesting book to read! Finding the deep relaxation of your mind, body and soul is the biggest achievement of rest. It is when you let go of all you worries, anxiety and stress. The peace deep within that nobody can give except you and your mind along with meditation. The book really guided of of the basics standards and strategies to reach the inner peace within you. This is a great practice to avoid nervous breakdown and anxiety. This book is rock solid on topics such as the benefits of meditation, but it also acknowledges common obstacles to meditation and better yet, provides you with real-world solutions to said challenges. I already recommend this book to some of my friends and family!

  • Buriburi - GREAT for cleaning walls

    I love the swiffer for cleaning walls. I think it's pretty useless for floor cleaning, I don't trust that I get adequate pressure running this along floors (a rag under my foot does a better job), BUT it's phenomenal for running up and down walls and removing cobwebs. The cloth that it comes with does get caught at the edge of the popcorn ceiling in all the apartments I've lived in but it doesn't leave any lint. I like that you can substitute ANY rag (any relatively thin piece of fabric stretches under the bottom and tucks into the silicone flaps on the top). I don't use it very often, but especially as a short person living in apartment complexes with ridiculously stringent move-out cleaning policies, this has been a life-saver in cleaning walls.

  • Amazon Customer - Good stuff

    I was quite happy with this product. My main complaint was that I wish it would have lasted longer. I will probably buy this again.

  • R. J. Levin - Quick read that will open your eyes.

    This book will change the way you look at the world! There is so much that you suspected or feared that is happening. Cathy makes the topic of mathematical models easy to understand. She also makes the stakes clear (They are very very high.... Especially if you are poor)