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  • Arlene Berry - Product Doesn't Work, Save Your Money!!!

    I used this product for three months and nothing happened that made this product restore even some of my hair. I called New Nordic and spoke to Karen, who was rude and had horrible customer service skills. Since I spent over $70 on New Nordic Hair Volume, I asked Karen to please send me a complimentary box. She didn't, so the company has no morals, and then called her boss, who was even more rude and condescending.

  • David Bahnsen - Couldn't be much more obvious

    I do not know if the title of this review is going to prove to be too melodramatic or not. I doubt it. I am doing my best to only take breaks from my financial crisis book review series for really special exceptions, but the problem is that my reading list has been overwhelmed with really special exceptions. Charles Murray, author of the absolute must-reads Losing Ground and The Bell Curve has done it again, only this time, he has truly out-done himself. The underlying theses in the aforementioned books were highly controversial, and hardly accepted for the profound thinking that they represented within the leftist academic community. Coming Apart, though has not (and will not) see such resistance. The reason: The empirical data and raw conclusions one derives from such data leave very room for dispute.

  • Gregory J Allen - This changed my life and I'll tell you why

    I had always been skinny all my life, but the last few years, I let myself go. I found myself with 60+ lbs extra on my body. I was tired, unmotivated, eating unhealthy, and I was depressed about how I looked and felt. I tried a number of things, but I couldn't commit. I had a friend that used this, so I decided to give it a shot. It works because it's easy to commit to. It will make you feel more energetic, and it will help you lose weight. I went extreme when I first started, and I dropped almost 50 lbs in the first two months. I have since started having larger lunches, two shakes most mornings, and the occasional cheat day. This past month, I've lost about another 10. I feel great again, and I feel like I am the old me.

  • D.R. Anders - Exactly like the Honda crossbars but half the price

    Exactly like the Honda crossbars but half the price. I installed them myself in about 25 minutes. (and I'm a girl) Would definitely recommend.