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  • Noinod5 - This works! No more hemorrhoids!

    My husband asked for this for Christmas, and I laughed. I thought he must be kidding, but he wasn't. He has trouble with hemorrhoids, poor guy. Anyways, he has been using it since Christmas, and said to me a couple days ago that it has completely worked. His hemorrhoids, which were chronic, are gone in less than two weeks. Apparently this allows you to 'go' without pushing and straining. It seems (and looks) a little odd, but if it can get rid of hemorrhoids, it's worth it.

  • T. King - Works as promised for me

    Put this in my son 99 Protege after trying everything and so far so good. It seems to have stopped the bubbling in the the overflow tank but I'm still running it in my car without the thermostat just to make sure before I install a new thermostat and bottle of antifreeze...been there done that.

  • Paul Houston - The smell is not the best, but.....

    First time I used this one of my sons, said, that smells horrible. But once the turkey was Fried man it added so much favor to that bird! Everyone torment that turkey up. I will never do a Turkey without it again.

  • TeCe - Tempted By A Touch: Harper and Joe's story

    *I received a copy of Tempted by a Touch via Net Galley in exchange for a voluntary review of this book**

  • apenname - I said it so it must be true

    Good information in general. I recommended viewing additional opinions on the subject of DHEA. Very seldom is it prudent to accept one source as the final say on anything.

  • Lech D. - New Improved Sickeningly Sweet Taste!

    The previous version of Vanilla Ice Cream was spot on, not overwhelming and not underwhelming and tasted great when paired up with whole milk and didn't leave a bad after-taste. This whole "New Improved Flavor" is disgustingly sweet and not anything I would label as any type of improvement. Maybe their taste testers were screwing with them or their R&D chefs lost their sense of taste and smell, either way the end result is not good.

  • Rhianna Parkinaon - Who wouldn't feel good about drinking an extra 24 oz of water

    Not only is this product delicious, but it was also satisfying enough to not need that extra snack - or soda. That is saying a lot. Who wouldn't feel good about drinking an extra 24 oz of water, instead of soda. Definitely will be purchasing again!