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  • Matthew and Malicia - I love Lights!

    I had saw one of these diffracted laser lights in several yards last year around Christmas. I thought then I have to have one. The CRGPro laser light came packed in a very nice magnetically closing box. Inside it was packed in styrofoam with a stake, power supply, and remote control. The light and stake are made of heavy gauge bronze colored coated aluminum and feel like they are heavy duty. You have two choices for placement. It comes with mounting brackets so that you can permanently mount it, or you can use it with the included stake for your yard. Using the light is very simple. It comes with a remote which lets you choose between red, green, or both red and green simultaneously. The standard red and green laser mode stays constantly on. There are 10 times as many green dots as red, so the green only mode is better in my opinion than the red only mode. I personally like the two colors on at the same time. there is also a flash mode. I never have cared for flashing lights but a fade option would be a nice feature. My kids really love it. The darker the night the better the light. Now I just need 2 or 3 more so I can light up the other side of my home. This is so much easier than untangling all the string lights in hopes that they even work. I would like to even maybe find one with more color options. I highly recommend this product. I received this product at a discount in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

  • Brad Edwards - excellent product.

    I reccommend this product to anyone trying to do their own payroll. I have used it a few years now and like it.

  • Biomajorcritic - Not magic, but pretty darn good.

    I am 23 and have true combination skin -- oily, acne-prone T-zone with some dryness everywhere else. I have medium brown skin (I am Indian). I got the starter kit and use medium beige foundation first, then warmth, and then sometimes mineral veil (it has talc). I am not allergic to bismuth oxychloride. This makeup went on more smoothly and evenly than other makeup I have tried before. The little concealer brush plus the foundation actually improved my dark circles and little redness around my nose better than any other concealer I've had. So, all in all, I use this makeup every day (I have for about two months now), and I really like it.

  • M. McCafferty - horrible interface!!!

    OMG! MS Office / Outlook now have a washed out interface that is hard to discern what is what. Even adjusting the colors form light gray on white to light gray on dark gray is still horrible. This is the most disgusting user interface ever! It is quite step backwards. The old interface or even the web access is much better than this garbage. Windows 8, and now this? MS is going to go out of business at this rate!

  • Damon A. Ebanks - Great Ipad Pro Case!

    I love it. Very sleek and feels like quality. I love how it encloses the Apple Pen. Another feature that you can not see well in the picture is the bumpers. I haven't dropped my Ipad but look like the bumpers would asorb impact.

  • KymmLisa - Just ordered another bottle!

    After having skin cancer twice, from baking myself in the sun all my like, I've learned my lesson and switched to sunless tanners. I must have tried 10-15 different brands in the last two years! They all either smelled really bad, looked orange, or made a huge mess and transferred onto my clothing for days!! Then I tried Tan Physics after reading it was rated #1 by one of the beauty magazine I read. When it came I was hesitant to put it on, so it sat on my counter for a few days then I tried it and WOW this goes on just like lotion, you can see where it's going on, there are no streaks, no orange color and no transfer onto my clothing! Believe me if you want to try a self tanner, this is it!!

  • Mary Albertson - Misrepresent the price

    I bought this thinking that I was getting a good deal but after it arrived I found the 60 count means total pills, not doses. I do like this product and I'll buy again just not from this seller.