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  • Toni Talks - This stuff really IS amazing!

    I have arthritis in my feet and hands & they hurt constantly. I rub this on both my hands and feet and the inflamation goes away in about 20 min and so does the pain. Absolutely amazing stuff. I have tried everything before , thank goodness someone told me about this stuff. I have also started taking it orally and I notice that I am more regular, and also I have all this energy that I never had before. I am waking up earlier and wanting to get up instead of sleeping in late.

  • Kimberly Levy - This product is a scam

    Just a scam and did nothing for me. I would never recommend this product to anyone. It is just a vitamin suppliment

  • rtloon - Agreeing with the praise, adding a few points not in other reviews

    Am male, age 62, in good health and mediocre shape, and just yesterday was authorized to begin bearing weight on my leg, 10 weeks after an ankle fusion operation. I want to do a favor to the company who makes and markets a device that made these 10 weeks much better for me and my wife by allowing me to be much more self sufficient, and at the same time not bore readers by repeating the excellent points made in other rave reviews.

  • Mary - Interesting!

    This is a very interesting book. I had never heard of oil pulling. I have had wonderful results since I started. My teeth are whiter, my gums healthier. I have also noticed a calming in my GI tract. I can't wait to see what else it helps!

  • LilliA. - Works, but be cautious and patient. Expect to buy several kits.

    I started out with darkish medium brown hair that I hadn't dyed in over a year, however, I used to dye it darker for several years (so that may or may not have effected my results). I have straight hair that is just a bit longer than shoulder length and my hair is neither thick nor thin. I have done two processes with this bleach so far and my hair is still orange. Each process I have had to use two kits to saturate my hair, one is absolutely not enough unless you have short hair. You may need 3 or 4 if your hair is even longer. It gets costly, but it's still cheaper than a salon and WAY easier to use than quick blue. Each process I kept it on a bit over an hour. I anticipate at least one more process to get light enough to put toner on. So far my hair hasn't broken off (fingers crossed). Oh, and this stuff tends to drip. So wear something you don't care about getting bleach on and keep tissues handy.

  • Tyler - It sucks don't use this if you have to pass s ...

    It sucks don't use this if you have to pass s test followed instructions both times I did it two different times failed miserably both times left it in longer then it says had been two months clean and still failed don't recommend this product at all waste of money

  • Esteban Duarte - Awesome Cycling Shoes

    They are my first Cycling shoes but I find them awesome. They are light, have great ventilation, great fit, easy to strap. I'm a speed skater so I do cycling as an extra training and these have been really helpful.