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  • Robert & Nancy - Guitar noob

    I've only started in the lesson section which so far I like. I like how this is setup and believe it will help me learn. It seems most people that don't like Rocksmith is because of lag in audio. What I'm doing is using my over ear Sony ps4 Bluetooth headset and I'm not experiencing any lag. What I play I'm hearing right away. The headphones help me concentrate on what I'm doing, no distractions with other things going on in the house. I like how it adjusts to me, slowing down things when I'm having trouble. I tried one of the highly rated hundred dollar lessons which I just didn't like compared to this. For the discounted price I'm happy with this learning tool

  • Jenny Lac - Can't play it!

    I haven't been even able to play it yet. The mobile remote function does not work. Such a shame because i loved previous editions but i don't have a kinnect anymore.

  • Ben P. - A good way to get your daily ganoderma

    If you are looking for a decent way to consume your ganoderma daily and you drink coffee, this is the right product. I mix a little flavored creamer in and it goes down fine. It is a bit strong to drink plain, but not wholly unpalatable. With free shipping, Amazon's price on this product is the least expensive online.

  • Nicole Alarcon - Great for regular acne (not cystic)

    Great for acne treatment, dries up break outs quickly and is painless. I truely enjoyed the tightening affect it has when its drying, it may even make your skin feel a little too tight but once you use it a few times, you'll get used to it. It also kind of burns a little at first, its a mix between a tingling and burning sensation as its drying but the packaging said that was normal to experience.