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  • George L. Clifton - Totally useless product. Stayed on the roof for over six months and did nothing.

    I read several reviews of the product before buying it and it was totally useless. Read the instructions and mixed the product for the strongest results. Used a garden sprayer and covered it very heavy. Left it on from August 2015 until May 2016 and it did absolutely "nothing". We ended up using TSP, clorox, and water combined in a garden sprayer. Then used a stiff brush with a floor sweeper handle to scrub it off. Did more in one day than this stuff did in over 6 months. Would not buy anything else from this company.

  • Donald J. Morrison - Problem when it dried it looked like I sprayed it with powdered chalk

    I have a wooden mail box and have problems with the wood rooting from rain water. I have just replaced it and thought NeverWet would keep the water from getting into the wood. Followed instructions that came with it. Problem when it dried it looked like I sprayed it with powdered chalk. I know they said it would do that ,but when I tried to reinstall the top of the mailbox everywhere I touched it the powder came off like it was powdered chalk. It may work well on your shoes but to me it is a rip off for 19.00.

  • Leviticus - Delicious and Devastating! Buyer Beware.

    I received this book as a stocking stuffer from my semi-mentally handicapped cousin and I was hooked. I went through all the recipes in 4 days. My microwave now smells like nacho cheese smothered gym socks and I for sure have diabetes. You have been warned.

  • Kasia - I ordered 2 sizes bigger and still not comfortable for me

    I ordered 2 sizes bigger and still not comfortable for me , heavy , no room , I could not walk in more than 1 mile , it was too painful and too hot , the moment I changed my shoes I walked another 7 miles without issues .. I really like the design , but this shoes are definitely not for running or walking for a long period of time in my case, my feet are narrow , I tried to like it but did not worked for me , it may work for you but you need to try as everyone will have different experiences .

  • K. Lee - Wish it worked, but it doesn't

    After dealing with numerous infestations and having to resort to harsh treatments despite using this stuff religiously every single morning on my second grader's hair, we finally went to a professional lice removal salon. Apparently, this stuff is known to be ineffective! We were told that clients who use this spray are constantly returning for comb-outs... because they are getting lice, obviously. When I think of all the time and money that went into treatments -- not to mention the numerous bottles of this spray that we went through -- it really makes me wish we had been enlightened earlier. It all sounds good and the idea of it is great, but at the end of the day if it doesn't keep lice off my kid's head, it doesn't do me any good.