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  • A. Sabbath - Lots of fun! A must buy!

    When I first saw this product, I didn't know what to expect other than to buy it and see what it was. There was a problem in the product information though. It said it would weigh 3 lbs and it would be 1 ft tall. When i got the shipment though, it was 30,000 lbs and was 100 ft tall. In further inspection, there was a latch on the top part of the head. Inside was a seat and tons of buttons everywhere, yet i couldn't find an 'on' switch. Appearently, i had to say 'on'. I'm so foolish. Anyways, after that, I had loads of fun using the rocket boots and heat seeking missiles that had come with the robot! I even had my son blow off a chunk of the moon, but later had him put it back together. Not much of a family bonding thing, but it's fun to use "Giant robot in the backyard" as a punishment if my son doesn't walk the dog. You must buy this! 5 Stars!

  • Meezerpleezer - Ketrel 2500

    Works well, I'll get a "feeling" for wind velocity after a while. Pretty easy to use, instructions pretty good. Elevation is frequently "off" it's a calculated function from barometric pressure. I can't get the backlight to work, but don't care.

  • Beaker - Sturdy, well made

    Bought this to remove the paint and rust on my car before I applied the bondo. Saved me a BOATLOAD of time. Ergonomic grip and movable hand helped me get the underside of the vehicle safely without having to put it on a lift. Best of all, doing it myself saved me money and now I owned the tools. I was originally going to buy the more expensive higher amp model, but this is more than enough.

  • Barry Wicks - running shoes

    Great running shoes, it really really really is light and the design copes well with both of my feet.